will tik tok unbanned ?

Will TiK ToK Unbanned?

As soon as the Tik Tok was banned in India, many memes have started raining on social media. Tik Tok was banned in India along with 59 other Chinese apps. And this is not the first time that Tik Tok was banned in India, it was banned some time ago also but Tik Tok was unbanned and returned again. So this time also there is a chance of it coming back, but this whole matter is a serious matter. Because there are few reasons behind the ban of 59 Chinese apps by the government and the first one of them is the misuse of data. Here you must be wondering what will be happened if I’m watching tik tok videos or browsing internet in my UC browser. What Chinese will uproot after knowing what type of content I see on UC browser. Then let us tell you friends that it do make a difference because the matter is not simple as it is.


Grabbing of informations on Internet

Lets us give you some examples,you might have heard about the name of these concepts Big Data, Machine Learning. Now a days we have given so much informations to all these companies Or all other apps that we use.

So let us give you a small example of what these companies can do by using all these data. The Amazon company in the United States already predicts which product’s requirement will be coming from which areas. Yes this is not a joke,this is true. Now Amazon here is using all these things just to sell their products. But if someone wants, then can do misuse of Big Data,Machine Learning and AI in the same way.

And the Facebook Cambridge Analytica data breach is the most recent example of it. It was happened in 2018 where millions of Facebook users’ personal data was gathered without consent by Cambridge Analytica. So whatever information we are providing to these companies, if their intentions are wrong,they can misuse our data to change our mindsets.

Misusing of Data to Change Our Mindsets

If China gets the data of any Rival Country, then they can use it to change the Mindset of the people of that country. The people of that country may hate China in today’s time, but after a few years the situation may change.

If you are an internet user then in today’s time, what you do and what not,what you like and what you do not,they will take things into consideration. And after keeping these things in mind, they can gradually proof their imagines with the citizens of the Opposite Nation.
Clearly we just want to say that what these technologies can do by grabbing informations of an internet user.

Out of the 59 apps that the government has banned,tik tok is on the top of the list. So as we have already told that these apps can use our data to change our perceptions and mindsets. As we know that the Tik Tok or the algorithm of Tik Tok promotes only the cringe type of content. And if this thing continues to happen like this then what will be the perception of people? They will just get up from bed, will do some poor makeup, put hooey contents as much as they can.

So even after having so much creepy content, tik tok promotes it. Then it is quite obvious that people will make more such contents.

US companies and Google products are banned in China

Now there is an irony also behind the ban of these 59 apps by the Indian Government. The irony is that Chinese government has blocked itself the big companies of the United States in their own country. China have blocked almost all Google products. Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, amazon all these companies are banned in China.

So in future tik tok may come back because the government has given time to justify why this apps shouldn’t be banned ? With a little chance for clarification, they will definitely try to come back using this opportunity. So there is possibilities that tik tok will be unbanned and will come back again.

And if it still doesn’t come back, then it might come after the end of the India – China border Dispute. So tik tok is likely to be return in future.

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