Aadhaar Shila- LIC India

Welcome friends,here i’m again with another article. In this article I will talk about the LIC’s  Aadhaar Shila policy which is specially designed for female only .Lets understand LIC’s  Aadhaar Shila in a simple and easy way.

Aadhaar Shila (Table NO 944)

LIC’s Aadhaar Shila is designed specially for women having aadhar card and provides protection as well as savings .LIC’s  Aadhaar Shila is a regular premium paying endowment assurance plan,with profits. This plan offers to standard lives and no medical examination is required under this plan.The risk cover starts immediately after the commencement of plan.And that is the best thing about this plan.

Plan Features :

No Medical Examination required.

Only For Females.

Aadhar card is mandatory.

Auto Cover period.

Loyalty Bonus.

Low premium.

Extra 10 % risk coverage of the Basic Sum Assured.