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Bollywood remake of Five Best Korean Movies

Hello friends,welcome to another article of Bollywood gossip. Friends, the era of making remake films is going on in Bollywood these days. Sometimes they make remakes from  South Indian cinema,from Hollywood and  sometimes from Korean movies. So in this article today, we will talk about five such best Korean movies whose remake was made in bollywood and which you must watch if you have watched none of them. And also look at how bollywood has made remake and copied these films and did injustice to these best korean movies. Do read to check out the lists.

I Saw The Devil

So friends, the first film in this list is ‘I Saw the Devil’, which came in 2011. And it is very much an interesting crime thriller movie. If you don’t like or scared of violence, don’t even watch this movie by mistake. And its remake came in Bollywood in the year 2014 as ‘Ek Villain’, whose lead role are Siddhart Malhotra,Shradha Kapoor and Ritesh Deshmukh. And the entire story of this film was taken from ‘I Saw the Devil’. To be honest,it’s hindi version  was a good movie but not as much as  the Korean movie is.


The second film in this list is ‘Oldboy’,which released in 2003. This is an revenge action drama movie and you must this movie once in a life time. And after watching this movie, the only thing that will came out from your mouth is “WOW”. The movie may offend many  or people may feel weird or awkward  after watching this movie. Because every movie is not made for everyone. Not only in Bollywood but the remake of this film is made in Hollywood also. So by that you can guess how much hit this movie must have been. The bollywood version of this movie was came in 2005. And its remake was made with the title ‘Zinda’, starring John and Sanjay Dutt. Whereas the remake made on Hollywood was with same name ‘Oldboy’.

The Man From Nowhere

Now moving forward then the next movie is’The Man from Nowhere’, an action thriller movie which came out in the year 2010. In this film, you will get to see action, thriller and drama each and everything.

The basic plot of this movie is about an Ex-Con artist who has need to go back to work in drug dealing again. The official remake of this film in Bollywood was John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome, which came in 2016. The action sequences of this film were well above the original version, but Masses did not like this film so much.

Ode To My Father

Next comes 2014 movie ‘Ode to my father’ in our list. And to be honest, this movie will make you emotional. The story is based upon the North Korea and South Korea war. The movies revolves around a child who losts his father and sister and tries to find them whole life.

Now the story of this may remind you the name of the Bollywood movie ‘BHARAT’. Because BHARAT of 2019 is the official remake of this masterpiece. And Bollywood left no stone unturned to make this masterpiece a waste. If you haven’t watched BHARAT then never watch it, instead you watch ‘Ode to My Father’ directly.

Because bollywood has just ruined it by putting dances and songs.Whereas the kind of emotional scenes that the original version have,it makes you emotional in each and every scene. You will feel like shit if you watch the bollywood version of this movie after watching the original one.

The Chasar

And at the end of this list comes the 2008 action thriller south korean film ‘The Chasar’. The story of this film is based on the real life serial killer. Bollywood version of this movie came in the year 2011 by the name ‘Murder 2’ and the plot of the film was exactly the same as the original one.

So guys these were the five korean best movies in which some are officially made remake and some are copied. We recommend you must watch these best korean movies once in your lifetime. And see how Bollywood makes these kind of masterpiece movies a waste.

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