Using for IRDA's order to launch corona policy
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All Insurance Companies to launch Corona Policy,orders IRDA

Good news for everyone. A new policy is about to be launched for the protection of your and your family from Coronavirus. So here is a big news related to the convenience of your treatment during the Corona period.

The IRDA has made it very important for insurance companies to provide corona policy to everyone in the country. That means that all life insurance and non-life insurance companies will now launch Corona policy. IRDA ordered all insurance companies in this regard that the Corona policy will have to be launched before 10 July. IRDA has taken this decision due to the continuously increasing cases of Coronavirus.
The IRDA has done this for the first time,both life insurance companies and non-life insurance companies must provide corona policy. Corona Kawach and Corona Rakshak are the two policies that insurance companies will launch.

IRDA ordered to launch Corona policy before July 10

Corona Kawach is an Indemnity Policy. That means it is a Short Term Policy which is only for the treatment of coronavirus. The duration of this policy is a tenure of between 3 and half months to 9 and half months. You can take the policy term as per your convenience.

On the other hand if we talk about Corona Rakshak then it is a regular insurance policy.
Just like all of us take the policy of health insurance , so treatment for corona is also implant on it.

A lot of complaints are coming from all around the country that many insurance companies are not giving claims of corona treatments. So that is why this two policies are mandatory to launch before the 10th of July,2020.

So this is a very new kind of policy. The way Corona is spreading across the country, the IRDA is preparing to launch new insurance policy.